History of Uroczysko

The history of Uroczysko dates back to the middle 19th century when the surrounding lakes were connected to the Gwda river by the Jastrowskich canal and a mill was built. In early 20th century a fire almost entirely destroyed the building. In 1905 its foundations were used to build Seemühle, referred to as "the restaurant in the forest", which has been open ever since.

Seemühle became the most famous hotel-restaurant complex in the area. With time the site was extended: an amphitheatre was first to be built, followed by chalets and a kayak heaven. Their foundations can be easily found at the lake even today. In the ‘20s the canal was so wide that the guests could easily reach the building with a kayak. The proximity of the railway and the station (several hundred meters away) with a direct connection to Berlin contributed to the increasing popularity of the site, with more and more people interested in amazing natural values of the then resort coming.

Seemühle welcomed people from all over Europe, the menu was in six language versions. Due to the fact that the building itself was at the canal, a water power plant was built, which shaped the building's post-war history. World War II did not affect the complex at the beginning, but eventually the hotel and restaurant had to be closed to give room for a hospital for German troops.

After the war, due to the aforementioned power generation, the object was put under the control of the state-owned Water Power Plants. In the 50's the building was handed over to the State Forests and served as a holiday resort for children. In early 60's the banquet hall was consumed by fire, which lead to further extensions and reconstructions of Uroczysko. As a result, the building was extended by a new wing to serve for hotel rooms.

The old Seemühle became the Training Center in the Forest and was owned by the forestry inspectorate. Almost forgotten in the ‘90s, the building found a private owner. Since then it has been modernized, a pond was created along with parking places for the guests.

In 2005, exactly 100 years after Seemühle was built, Uroczysko was created - a place that maintains the glorious gastronomic and hotel traditions of site located at the river Gwda and in the heart of the forest.

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