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Jastrowie is one of the youngest towns of Wałeckie Lakeland. It was granted civic rights on 5th of May, 1602 confirmed by the king Sigismund III Vasa. Earlier, around 1560, the Pomeranians founded a village on the western bank of the river Oska, and a second village on its eastern bank a couple of years later. This double settlement marks the very beginnings of the future town. As of the 16th century, Jastrowie was a place where commercial activity and craftsmanship flourished.

In 1879, a railroad connecting Poznan and Kołobrzeg was built. In 1945, the town was a part of the line of fortifications referred to as the Pomeranian Wall. Today, the remains of shelters can still be found near the village of Nadarzyce. They are a significant tourist attraction.

While visiting, do not forget to see:

  • a rock house built between 1590 and 1612 - Jastrowie
  • a house where Leon Kruczkowski, a Polish writer used to dwell - Jastrowie
  • a historical Jewish cemetery - Jastrowie
  • remains of a blown up railroad bridge on the river Gwda - Jastrowie - a fortifications line of the Pomeranian Wall - Zdbice
  • fortifications system - Nadarzyce
  • Soviet nuke bunkers - Kolonia Brzeźnica, „Sosnowa Góra", Jastrowie
  • The Holy Family half-timbered church of 1789 - Osówka.
  • The Jesus Christ's Sacred Heart Church of 1800 - Pecewo.
  • The "Uroczysko Jar" nature reserve - Lipka Forestry Inspectorate
  • The "Diabli Skok" forest reserve- Budy Forestry Inspectorate
  • The "Kozie Brody" peatland reserve near Jastrowie
  • The "Wielkopolska. The Ponurzyca River Valley" reserve where in 1978 cardinal Karol Wojtyła was kayaking during his last holiday before being elected the Pope in 1979.

More than 73% of the area of the community of Jastrowie is occupied by forests and lakes, abundant in mushrooms, all sorts of berries, fish and game. You can easily spot does, deer, boars, foxes, raccoon dogs, as well as fallow deer and badgers. Birds to be found are: the black stork, heron, white-tailed eagle, mute swan, and green woodpecker.

The Gwda river, flowing near the town is a renowned kayaking trail. A number of monuments of nature are to be found around the town, including a 600-year-old oak called Hubert. The community is full of hiking and biking trails.

Come to us for both active and passive leisure.

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